Can Scalp Micropigmentation Be Performed On Long Hair?

The original purpose of scalp micropigmentation (SMP) was baldness treatment. A buzz-cut look is usually more apparent on people with short hair since SMP mimics the appearance of stubble. The good news is that you don\’t have to undergo that radical of a hair loss in order to benefit from scalp micropigmentation. The answer to your question is definitely yes if you have long hair.

Hair loss is usually treated with SMP, but it is not a perfect treatment for everyone. A lot depends on your current hair loss situation when talking about SMP for long hair. How does scalp micropigmentation work, and who is a candidate for this kind of treatment? In this article, we\’ll explain how SMP works for people with long hair.

SMP is perfect for clients with long hair

Micropigmentation on the scalp is used to conceal thinning areas and restore a full, thick head of hair. Based on the skill of the technician and the degree of your hair loss, the treatment will be effective. According to our findings, people suffering from these hair loss problems are the most likely to benefit from SMP while maintaining their long hairstyles.

Bald women with dispersed hair loss and female pattern baldness

The scalp micropigmentation treatment is ideal for women with female pattern baldness and diffuse thinning. SMP can make thinning areas virtually undetectable, as long as they have sufficient hair density and volume. The pigment is closely matched to your hair color and scalp, and the thinning areas are filled in between. Despite how long or short your hair is, your hairline remains intact.

The diffuse thinned men

There is a diffuse thinning of hair across the scalp, which is known to most men. Men with long hair can undergo SMP without shaving their scalps because the thinning isn\’t as severe as alopecia. As long as they have sufficient hair density in those areas, the treatment can also benefit those with receding hairlines. In some men, thinning occurs throughout the scalp while in others, it is limited to a diffuse area. In addition to treating both forms of hair loss, scalp micropigmentation also allows the client to maintain long hair.

People who suffer from alopecia areata

As opposed to androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata causes round patches of hair loss across the scalp as a result of an autoimmune disease attacking the patient\’s hair follicles. Despite sounding alarming, there is good news: the hair regrows within 12 months. A bald patch can be concealed with scalp micropigmentation treatment Austin by this hair regrowth, which creates a stubble of hair follicles inside the patch. By matching the treatment to the client\’s hair color, the SMP technician camouflages the patches. As hair grows back, the treatment will appear better since it doesn\’t affect the hair follicles.

It is a highly customizable procedure, which makes scalp micropigmentation an attractive option. Skilled technicians can conceal thinning spots on your scalp regardless of the length or color of your hair. Then SMP could be the perfect solution for you if you\’re suffering from these hair loss problems and seeking a permanent solution to fix them. Call us today at SMP Of Austin to discuss your hair loss concerns.

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