Scalp Micropigmentation

Can Scalp Micropigmentations Be Performed On Long Hair?

Originally, scalp micropigmentation (SMP) was used to treat baldness. SMP is perfect for people with short hair since it mimics stubble for a clean, buzz-cut look. You don’t have to go through that much hair loss to reap the benefits of scalp micropigmentation. SMP is compatible with long hair, like most people, and the answer is a resounding yes.

Even though SMP is recommended for most hair loss problems, it’s not for everyone. All it comes down to is your current hair loss situation when talking about SMP for long hair. Who’s a good candidate for scalp micropigmentation? We’ll cover everything you need to know about SMP for long-haired people.

Long haired clients who are perfect for SMP

With long hair, scalp micropigmentation conceals thinning areas and restores fuller, thicker hair. Your hair loss and the technician’s skill will determine the effectiveness of the treatment. People who suffer from these hair loss problems are most likely to benefit from SMP while maintaining their long hairstyles.

Female pattern baldness and dispersed hair loss among women

The scalp micropigmentation procedure is ideal for women who suffer from female pattern baldness and overall diffuse thinning. In the event that the patient has sufficient hair density and volume, SMP can conceal the thinning areas and make them virtually undetectable. To accomplish this, the pigment is closely matched to the color of your hair and scalp, and the thinning areas are filled in between the pigmented areas. In addition, this procedure preserves your hairline regardless of how long or short your hair is.

Men with a limited degree of diffuse thinning

A diffuse thinning refers to the loss of hair across the scalp that is familiar to most men. It is not necessary to shave the scalp of men with long hair in order to undergo SMP, since the thinning is not as severe as alopecia. As long as the area where the hair is receding has a reasonable level of density, the treatment may also be beneficial to those with receding hairlines. There are some men who suffer from diffuse thinning of the scalp, whereas there are others who suffer from thinning throughout their entire scalp. Fortunately, scalp micropigmentation can accommodate both types of hair loss and allow the client to maintain their long hair.

Those suffering from alopecia areata

Unlike androgenetic alopecia, which is a permanent type of hair loss, alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder that attacks the patient’s hair follicles, resulting in round patches of hair loss. Although this may sound alarming, the good news is that the hair grows back within 12 months. In order to conceal the bald spot, scalp micropigmentation is used to create stubbles of hair follicles in the patch. By matching the treatment with the color of the client’s hair, the SMP technician camouflages the patches. In addition, the treatment is not harmful to the hair follicles, and it will result in a better appearance as the hair grows back.

It is the highly customizable nature of scalp micropigmentation treatment Austin that makes it so appealing. No matter what the length or color of your hair, a skilled technician can conceal the thinning spots on your scalp effectively. SMP may be the ideal solution if you suffer from these hair loss problems and want a permanent solution. Let SMP Of Austin assist you with your hair loss concerns by contacting us today.

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