Choosing Your Hair Color Based on Scalp Micropigmentation for Women

You may have noticed that your hairline is thinning and heard about scalp micropigmentation. Despite being eager to give it a try, you\’re a little concerned about how the SMP treatment will match your current hair color. The majority of people who undergo scalp micropigmentation experience satisfactory results in addressing their hair loss issues.

You can feel more confident about scalp micropigmentation if you know how it blends with your hair. How exactly do scalp micropigmentation artists match the pigment to your hair color? We\’re going to talk about how to get a full head of hair that matches perfectly with your natural hair color today.

Dilution of pigment correctly

SMP artists use a special scalp micropigmentation ink that usually contains deionized water, ethanol, and organic pigments. In order to match the client\’s hair color, distilled water is added to the ink. SMP artists, for example, will dilute pigment with more water if the client has light-colored hair in order to achieve a lighter tone. When a client has darker hair, less water is added so that the pigment retains its dark color and blends seamlessly into the hair.

How do you handle a client whose hair is blonde or gray? Can SMP artists match these hair colors with ink? This depends on the dilution of the pigment. By adding or using less water, they can change the shade of the pigment. The SMP artist will prepare different shades of pigment before each of your sessions in order to match your hair color correctly. To dilute the pigment, they use a syringe to add water at the exact measurement.

It is thanks to this dilution process that scalp micropigmentation is able to work with almost all hair colors. In order to achieve this, you must work with an experienced scalp micropigmentation clinic that knows how to dilute pigments precisely.

With fair hair, how scalp micropigmentation works

Scalp micropigmentation is commonly thought to work only for dark-haired clients. The reason is that some people mistakenly believe that the ink used for the treatment is only black pigment. The good news is that clients with fair hair can also undergo scalp micropigmentation and achieve realistic results.

Darker hair clients usually have denser hair follicles, which means they appear larger and darker upon close inspection. Darker-haired clients may find scalp micropigmentation more suitable because they are able to achieve their desired look by going a shade darker.

However, scalp micropigmentation provides the same results for clients with fair hair. Clients with pale skin tones and fair hair yield some of the most natural and indiscernible scalp micropigmentation results. SMP artists have the expertise to blend the pigment perfectly to match your existing hair color, which is where their experience and expertise come into play.

From black to white smoke, SMP artists can select up to 60 shades. Usually, the artist will choose a light shade for the initial session to ensure that the treatment won\’t appear too dark after subsequent sessions. It is possible to have the pigment darker depending on the patient\’s preference, but they will need to wet shave regularly to avoid color clashes between their natural hair and their micropigmentation treatment.

Our intention is to clarify your concerns about scalp micropigmentation and hair color in this article.

Whatever your hair color, an experienced SMP artist will be able to match it with your scalp micropigmentation treatment to give you the best results.If you are looking for scalp micropigmentation for women in Austin TX, contact us at SMP of Austin for the best and long-term results. 

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