Hair loss causes : Those which are less heard of

Hair loss is a very prevalent concern among men and women of all ages, specially from 20s to 40s. Most of us do everything in our capacity to combat hair loss issues. A very important step in fighting hair loss is to know the root cause of the same. Although there are a lot of known causes of hair loss like genetics, aging, stress, hormonal imbalance etc., there are some lesser known causes as well. Let us understand them so our fight against it becomes easier.

Hair pulling

Hair fulling has a technical name called traction alopecia. This happens specially in women, when the hair to pulled on a regular basis like tying a high ponytail, wearing tight braids, pigtails and cornrows. These type of hairstyles causes the the hairline to be pulled forcefully towards the vertex of the scalp thus weakening the hair follicles. This causes traction alopecia, a more common issue in African American women who wear their hair tightly pulled back.


The HIV virus, which causes AIDS, weakens ones immune system and makes it more prone to diseases like tuberculosis. The medications for this causes ones hair to weaken and eventually lead to hair loss.


The treatment for cancer, which is called chemotherapy, is although known by some people as a cause of hair loss, is not much well informed in many people. Cell division is a very basic function is a human body which happens on daily basis. A cancer patient is infected with cancer cells, which also multiply thus causing the cancer to spread and make it worse. Hence, a cancer patient is injected with drugs which prohibit cell division. Although this helps the obstructing the growth of cancer cells, these strong drugs also interfere with other cells of the body including hair follicles, weakening them, thus causing hair loss.


When we hear malnutrition, we picture a weak and lean body with ribs showing out. Well this is not always the case. Malnutrition is simple lack of important vitamins and minerals in our body for healthy body and hair. Hair growth depends on the amount of nutrients present in our bloodstream and if there is a lack of nutrients which are required for healthy hair growth, it will cause hair loss. One such very important nutrient is iron. Iron deficiency causes hair loss as well as loss of pigmentation. Make sure your diet has sufficient amounts of iron and other vitamins like vitamin A, B, C, D and E.


Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are two cases of thyroid disorders wherein the former one is an under active thyroid and the later one is a hyper active thyroid. Under active means limited production of thyroid which causes hair thinning over the entire scalp.

These causes for hair loss will help you take better and informed decisions on how to battle hair loss. However there are some causes for which prevention is hardly possible. Then we need to go for treatment options. One such very popular treatment now a days is scalp micropigmentation. This involves injecting pigments into the scalp to create an illusion of a fuller hair. SMP of Austin provides the best scalp micropigmentation treatment in Austin. We are committed to give you 100% satisfaction. Call us at +1 (512) 966-9144 to get all your questions about SMP answered. Book and appointment now!

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