Hair Loss Treatment: Can You Grow Your Hair Out After SMP?

As far as your hair is concerned, you can do whatever you wish. 

If you are going to do it, it depends a lot on what style you choose:

You might have thinning on your side of the head.

You can also reduce the hair on top of your head if your thinning is on the side of your head. When thinning is concentrated on the lower part of your scalp and you still have hair on top of your head, it\’s very easy to achieve the fade look. Even if the hair on top of your head is diffused, which means that it\’s not as thick as it used to be, you can still achieve it by growing your hair out on top.

Thinnest part of your scalp or back if it was concentrated there

Getting a natural look will be difficult for you. I think people think they have to shave their entire head after SMP when they say they grow their hair out. This isn\’t true. It\’s not a requirement. 

It\’d be very easy, and I actually recommend it, to just grab a good foil shaver that you like and keep it either at your house or in your car wherever it\’s routine for you to just run it over your head every once in a while and maintain not a super close shave, but a rough, close shave in order to really embrace the realism of your scalp micropigmentation because it looks best if your thinning is concentrated on the top of your head.

Having thinning hair, but maintaining a decent hairline despite diffuse thinning

You can grow your hair as much as you want. If there is concentrated thinning in patches, it is necessary to commit to a consistent appearance in order to mitigate the effects of the hair loss. That is something that is worth considering because it\’s very individual and depends on the individual.

Micropigmentation works well with certain long hairstyles. SMP of Austin provides hair loss treatment near me in Austin TX

The thinning usually occurs on the temples or right here at the crown of the head in women, so this is a little different. You can use those SMPs very easily, and your hair will stay in great condition. 

Here\’s the one I think looks really good with scalp micropigmentation. With long hair and a hairline that is only slightly back, you can lean into a style that looks like you shaped the front. Let\’s talk about dreadlocks. Dreadlocks can cause traction alopecia, which is just caused by the weight of the dreadlocks, so this is really common when you have dreadlocks and your hairline recedes. 

The reason this is a great solution for you is because it\’s not uncommon for people to maintain their dreadlocks while shaving the front of their heads. The scalp micropigmentation is one style that I find to be very effective, as well as for women if you have long hair with localized thinning, since you can continue to grow your hair if you desire. 

Otherwise, it\’s really individual, depending on your own personal style. Most hairstyles can be paired with scalp micropigmentation now. 

It really depends on what your hair looks like, and it\’s worth going to a practitioner and talking to them about what they can do with your current or desired style.

Can I have scalp micropigmentation if I\’m completely bald? 

The scalp micropigmentation procedure does not require you to be completely bald, so you don\’t have to grow your hair out if you have this procedure. There are no hard and fast rules with this treatment. 

The majority of people have some use for it, if not all of it. So it\’s a pretty flexible tool that you can use to combat hair loss in whatever way works best for you. 

Schedule a consultation with an expert for hair loss treatment near me in Austin TX. Let\’s discuss scalp micropigmentation together!

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