How to Prepare for Scalp Micropigmentation

You\’ve booked your scalp micropigmentation treatment and are eagerly anticipating the transformation that awaits you.

How should you prepare for scalp pigmentation treatment? Here are some tips! Before you undergo scalp micropigmentation, you need to do these 5 things.

#1: Know what you want

How do you envision the end result? A good way to set the right expectations for your SMP practitioner is to take screenshots of before and after pictures of treatments you like. It will help if you have some of these goals outlined on the day of your micro-scalp treatment, but if you don\’t, the process will go smoothly!

#2: Do not use Rogaine, Toppik, or any topical products on your scalp

Before your treatment, you should stop using these products. If you wear a hair system, you should remove it. As a result, your scalp will be cleaner and clearer, making it easier for your scalp pigmentation practitioner to work on it.

#3: Trim your hair

It\’s not a bad idea to cut your hair short before coming in if your scalp micropigmentation plan calls for you to keep your hair short. As you get used to the new style, you\’ll save some time on treatment day.

Although you may have never cut your hair before, if you want to cut it on the same day, that is not a problem. In our office, SMP practitioners are equipped to cut your hair before your treatment.

#4: Moisturize your scalp and wash it

Before your treatment, use a non-irritating fragrance-free wash and moisturizer. Ahead of treatment, wash your scalp and moisturize it at least once a day. You can create a work of art on your scalp if the canvas is nice.

#5: EAT

There are many clients who come in without eating or drinking enough water before their sessions, which may sound silly. In most cases, the treatment takes between 1 – 3 hours. Since you will be seated for most of that time, it\’s a good idea to have something in your system to make it more comfortable.

So there you have it! What you need to do before you undergo scalp micropigmentation in Austin TX. Book a FREE consultation to speak with an expert practitioner if you have not booked your appointment yet and are looking for more information!

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