scalp micropigmentation

Is it possible to perform scalp micropigmentation on long hair?

Baldness treatment was the original purpose of scalp micropigmentation (SMP). Since SMP mimics stubble, buzz-cuts are more noticeable on short haired individuals. Scalp micropigmentation doesn’t require a radical hair loss in order to be effective. You can definitely do it if you have long hair.

SMP is usually used to treat hair loss, but it is not a perfect treatment for everyone. When it comes to SMP for long hair, a lot depends on your current hair loss situation. Who is a candidate for scalp micropigmentation? How does it work? This article explains how SMP works for people with long hair.

Long-haired clients will love SMP

In micropigmentation, thinning areas of the scalp are concealed and a full, thick head of hair is restored. The treatment will be effective based on the technician’s skill and the extent of your hair loss. We found that people who suffer from these hair loss problems are most likely to benefit from SMP and maintain their long hairstyles.

Female pattern baldness and dispersed hair loss

Female pattern baldness and diffuse thinning are ideal candidates for scalp micropigmentation. With sufficient hair density and volume, SMP can virtually disguise thinning areas. Using pigment that is closely matched to your hair color and scalp, the thinning areas are filled in. Your hairline remains intact no matter how long or short your hair is.

Men with diffuse thinness

Most men experience diffuse thinning of their hair across their scalps. Since the thinning is not as severe as alopecia, men with long hair can undergo SMP without shaving their scalps. In addition to those with receding hairlines, the treatment can also benefit those with sufficient hair density in those areas. Thinning may occur throughout a man’s scalp, while in others, it is limited to a diffuse area. Hair micropigmentation treats both types of hair loss and allows the client to maintain long hair as well.

Alopecia areata sufferers

Unlike androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata occurs when the patient’s hair follicles are attacked by an autoimmune disease. Although the news may sound alarming, you needn’t worry: Your hair will regrow within a year.

By using scalp micropigmentation treatment Austin, bald patches can be concealed by creating a stubble of hair follicles inside the patch. As the SMP technician matches the treatment to the client’s hair color, the patches are camouflaged. Since the treatment does not affect hair follicles, the treatment will appear better as hair grows back.

Scalp micropigmentation offers a high degree of customization, which makes it an attractive procedure. Regardless of the length or color of your hair, skilled technicians can conceal thinning spots on your scalp. If you suffer from these hair loss problems and are looking for a permanent solution, then SMP may be right for you. If you are concerned about hair loss, contact SMP Of Austin today.

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