Is Scalp Micropigmentation Long-Lasting?

Is Scalp Micropigmentation Long-Lasting?

Scalp micropigmentation is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure designed to create the illusion of a fuller head of hair. It typically lasts anywhere from 2-3 years, depending on the client’s skin type and lifestyle. To ensure long-lasting results, clients must follow aftercare instructions carefully and always use sunscreen when exposed to the sun.

Micropigmentation on the scalp is most commonly asked about its longevity. To maintain the results of scalp micropigmentation, practitioners recommend getting retouches every 4-6 years. 

Longevity of micropigmentation results on scalps

In order to conceal thinning hair and balding, many men and women turn to micropigmentation. The procedure is quick and does not require touch-ups. Neither hair follicles grow nor hair loss is prevented by this process. SMP artists need to be highly skilled to perform tattoos on the scalp.

Scalp tattooing conceals receding hairlines and baldness by matching your skin tone to your hair follicles. Depending on the factors involved, these results will last a few years. Retouching might be necessary after several years to maintain a low-cut appearance.

Results before retouching

A micropigmentation session should generally last at least four years. In order to maintain a neater, fuller, and more natural-looking hairline, a retouch can be applied. Certain habits and exposures may necessitate retouching sooner.

The following are some of them:

Sun Exposure 

Your scalp should be protected from UV rays and direct sunlight. You will receive specific instructions from the artist, including avoiding washing your head immediately after the procedure. Healing will be sped up by following these instructions.

Staying out of the sun can also help you perform better.

The treatment will need to be retouched more frequently if your head is exposed to sunlight and ultraviolet rays for a long time. Make sure you limit your time spent in the sun in order to protect your new SMP results.

Type and quality of pigment

Before undergoing a treatment, you should carefully review the type and quality of pigment. Some pigments need retouching sooner when exposed to sunlight and the elements. UV exposure should not be prolonged for tattoo inks or SMPs. The lifespan of SMPs is longer than that of tattoo ink.

There will be a difference in quality between the sources of each artist. It is important that practitioners use micropigmentation pigments that are long lasting. Working with a reputable artist will ensure that you get high-quality, safe pigment that matches your skin tone. For a long time, retouching will not be necessary. Pigments specifically created for scalp micropigmentation are used by SMP of Austin. 

Procedure quality

Micropigmentation of the scalp requires two to four sessions separated by 10 to 14 days. A neat appearance can be maintained for up to six years or changed if desired. Picking an experienced practitioner is important, as the procedure is best handled by them. 

For micropigmentation, precision and artistry are essential. It is important to work with a scalp tattoo artist who specializes in concealing baldness.

Our practitioners have been trained by the best. Our practitioners have been trained by the best. There is only one accredited female on staff at SMP of Austin, and she is intentionally accredited as well. 

With scalp micropigmentation Austin, we will be able to treat your hair loss.

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