Know more about the scalp micro pigmentation process before opting for it

Scalp pigmentation abbreviated as SMP treatment is a superficial cosmetic tattoo process that gives an illusion of hair on your partially bald head as well as giving density to your thinning crown. This procedure is generally used for concealing scars that are left from hair transplantation or to hide the visual impact of scars or burns. The procedure of Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment in Austin TX involves small dotted patterns being drawn to create an illusion of feigned natural appearance on your head like your actual hair follicles.

Working and targeted audience :

Scalp Micropigmentation as the name suggests is a very innovative and superficial solution to your hair loss problems. This style adds a natural look and depth to your naturally fading hairline. We can often spot the following types of people opting for Hair Loss Treatment in Austin TX :

The person who falls victim to –

  1. Thinning of hair
  2. Male or female pattern baldness
  3. Any type of Alopecia
  4. Lastly, cancer.

Our professionals make sure that your dots look indistinguishable and like your natural hair follicles along with blending them perfectly with your skin tone.

General Guidelines

When you opt for Scalp Micropigmentation in Austin TX, you might be asked to follow certain general guidelines laid down. Such as,

  • Showering well before every treatment as you won\’t be able to wash our causes wetness to your scalp in any case for almost four days after every appointment.
  • Do not take hot showers as that can result in steam storms.
  • Within the weeks between treatments, do not – go swimming, or enter steam or sauna rooms.
  • Keep in mind, avoid exposing your scalp to the sun. Less exposure of the treated area to the sun ensures better and long-term retention. You can wear hats for at least the first four days. After 4 days, on the fifty days, you can freely go out but for an hour or 45 minutes.


For more queries or information regarding Hair Loss Treatment Near Me in Austin TX you can contact us directly and we will be glad to help you in your tough times.

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