Let us tell you some advantages and essential facts about scalp micropigmentation

Have consulted a lot of specialists for your hair fall issues? But none of them turned working? That’s probably not only because of the doctor but also probably because you are maybe doing something wrong. Here in this article, we will let you know about two major advantages of SMP treatment and two factors that you should always consider while doing your Scalp Micropigmentation in Austin TX.

2 Prime advantages of Scalp Micropigmentation

  1. Effectiveness

Unlike others, Scalp Micropigmentation is 100% effective and is sure to work for everyone. This method comes as a huge relief as most medications or pills only work accurately for 55-10% of people who use those daily. SMP is a cosmetic treatment and thus helps anyone and everyone with hair issues.

  1. Realistic effect

This process certainly doesn’t grow original hairs but it eliminates your bald spot while giving you a natural unbelievably realistic look. If you are opting for Scalp Micropigmentation for women in Austin TX we make sure that your hair follicle is matched with your original hair and blended well with your skin tone. Since the pigments are injected with the utmost professionalism, it will take a very extensive analysis to notice that it is not your original hair.

2 Essential factors worth considering when opting for SMP Treatment

  1. Your present, ongoing Medications

Numerous medications can counter your ability to get SMP and even cause an adverse effect to your SMP Treatment. So in such cases, it is suggested to contact your respective doctor beforehand. And also consult your SMP artist and talk to them because your current medication plays a crucial role and is a very essential factor to consider.

  1. Time

Other than factors like age, medications, exposure to the sun there is yet another very important factor that you need to know and consider carefully is the time taken by the entire process. SMP is generally a 3-4 session process as a whole with almost 7 days between two sessions. So make sure that you plan after considering this.


There are many more advantages and factors relating to Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment in Austin TX. To know about them you can contact us and we will be more than happy to consider your questions and answer them accordingly.

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