Male Pattern Baldness Treatment: Causes, Prevention & The Best Treatments

Hair loss in males is called male pattern baldness. The pattern of hair loss that affects females is called female pattern baldness. Typically, men with hair loss experience thinning at the crown of the head or a receding hairline. It is common for hair follicles to shrink over time, which causes hair to become thinner and shorter. At some point, the follicles will stop producing hair. Hair follicles remain on the head, so if the correct treatment is administered, hair growth can be rejuvenated. 

Male pattern baldness types

Male pattern baldness is medically referred to as androgenetic alopecia. There is a classic type of balding in males characterized by a pattern of hair loss that starts at the temples and recedes backwards, or affects the crown. Most males will experience some form of hair loss by the age of 80.

Having hair loss on the entire head is known as alopecia totalis. A combination of skin disorders causes cicatricial alopecia, a rare form of baldness. Alopecia involutional is a form of telogen effluvium, when the hair enters its resting phase, affecting overall hair growth over time due to slower hair growth.

Hair loss in men: causes and effects

Hereditary baldness is more likely than not the cause of pattern baldness. Due to genetics, you are likely to suffer from similar hair loss conditions if baldness runs in your family. Male pattern baldness has no side effects, but there are other serious causes of hair loss, such as cancer, that should be monitored. In addition to poison, radiation, and drugs, other environmental factors can lead to hair loss. Moreover, hair loss can also be caused by physical stressors, such as weight loss, emotional trauma, or medical conditions, such as leaky gut syndrome and heart disease.

Male Pattern Baldness Treatments

The importance of treating male pattern baldness immediately cannot be overstated. By acting quickly, you will ultimately lose less hair and be more likely to reverse some of the previous hair loss.

You will find it easier to maintain your hair and stop further hair loss if you treat male pattern baldness early.

Male Pattern Baldness: The Only Cure

Scalp micropigmentation. Cosmetically, scalp micropigmentation creates the appearance of short, thin hairs and a fuller head of hair by changing the pigment of the scalp. In spite of the fact that scalp micropigmentation can make you look like you have a thicker head of hair, it is not a treatment for male pattern baldness or a real hair follicle restorer.

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