Scalp Micropigmentation for Male

Scalp Micropigmentation for Male Pattern Baldness

Both men and women suffer from pattern baldness. Depending on the shape of the hair loss, it may affect either the hairline or the crown area.

It is typically recommended that clients shave their hair short in order to achieve the buzz look so that scalp micropigmentation treatments can be perfectly matched and blended with the existing hair.

You can create the illusion of density by building up treatments and shades of micro-dots around and in between existing hair if your hair is thinning, but you do not want to wear the shaved buzz look. Optimal results are achieved by keeping the hair color darker for older clients who are turning grey/white.

SMP for hair male pattern baldness

Approximately 95% of men suffer from male pattern baldness. Most males experience this natural occurrence. A majority of women will notice their hair thinned by the time they are 50. Natural hair loss makes many men uncomfortable for cosmetic reasons. The feeling of having fuller, thicker hair may appeal to you, and you are not alone.

The benefits of SMP for male pattern baldness

Having a thick, full head of hair that is youthful in appearance could be achieved with scalp micropigmentation. It produces a natural, convincing result by using tiny scalp tattoos. In patches of hair loss or thinning hair where the scalp can be seen through the strands, small tattoos can be applied. Your hair will look fuller and thicker with a scalp tattoo.

Types of balding SMP can treat

Many types of hair loss can be treated with scalp micropigmentation. Thin hair and male pattern baldness are commonly covered with this product. In situations where patches of hair are completely lacking, these treatments may look less natural and work best when your existing hair blends with these small scalp tattoos. If your hairline recedes, you may need to cut your hair a lot shorter to accommodate your new scalp tattoos. No matter what the reason is for your hair loss, why not talk with us about your options for SMP?

Our scalp micropigmentation results are the best in the industry. Providing unmatched customer service is our number one priority. Taking care of you is our top priority with male pattern baldness treatment in Austin TX at SMP of Austin.

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