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Scalp Micropigmentation For Treating Female Pattern Hair Loss

Hair appears thicker and fuller after scalp micropigmentation (SMP). Thinning hair, receding hair, or patches can be disguised with this treatment. Your scalp can be seen through your hair, giving the appearance of a full head of hair. There is little maintenance involved in SMP, and the results last for a long time. It is also safe.

Ideal for Women

Women with long hair are ideal candidates for SMP treatment. In the case of women with low hair density or those suffering from alopecia, it is a worthwhile option to consider.

SMP is a solution for:

hair thinning

low hair density

undergoing a hair transplant

Alopecia hair loss

Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPH)

How does it work?

SMP does not provide a cure. During this procedure, pigment is added to the uppermost layer of the scalp’s skin. The less hairy areas are camouflaged. As with tattoos, pigment is applied in a similar manner, but the procedure is not painful at all.

A variety of shades of hair follicles are replicated to cover areas where there are gaps in the hair. Enhancing eyebrows with this procedure is similar to microblading.

A list of common hair loss expressions

Widow’s peak

This type of hairline has a V-shape. Some people find it quite distinctive. Marilyn Monroe and Brooke Shields are also famous celebrities with widow’s peak.

The SMP treatment can restore a more natural hairline to a receding widow’s peak.

Hair thinning

In the early stages of hair loss, there is thinning of the hair. Hair strands begin to thin out. It is possible to see your scalp through your hair over time. The perfect shade of pigment can be selected to match the depth of hair in order to negate this look.

Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPH)

Women who suffer from FPH experience a distinctive form of hair loss. FPH begins with a small vertical cut on the top of the head. Through time, the vertical cut becomes wider, and the baldness becomes more obvious.

About half of men and half of women suffer from FPH by the age of 50. As a result of SMP treatment, exposed areas of the scalp are camouflaged.

Causes of Hair Loss

Natural aging is one of the causes of Hair Loss. The following are some common causes of permanent and temporary hair loss:


An illness

Cancer treatment


Weight loss

Iron deficiency

Scalp Micropigmentation in Austin, TX

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