Scalp Micropigmentation Has Several Advantages

Scalp Micropigmentation Has Several Advantages

Although there has been much advancement in the surgical and non-surgical techniques of hair restoration, sometimes the reflection of the bare scalp cannot be camouflaged completely and cosmetic techniques must be employed. Micropigmentation of the scalp is also a popular option.

Small dots (micropigments) are placed between growing hair during scalp micropigmentation. Their color matches that of the patient’s hair. Therefore, the scalp appears shadowed. You can place this on the vertex (where men get bald spots) or in the hairline. To treat large areas of thinning, patients may require multiple sessions. The pigments used in scalp micropigmentation fall into two categories. The first fades after 3 years. One type of pigment lasts permanently.

In comparison with hair powder, scalp micropigmentation offers a few advantages. Firstly, it does not require daily maintenance. Secondly, it leaves no mess behind. In addition, you will not have displacement and scalp show if you jump into a pool or ocean or get caught in the rain. 

Furthermore, the procedure is compatible with other treatments such as hair transplantation or minoxidil topical therapy. Because powder absorbs minoxidil, minoxidil and powder have been at odds for a long time. However, scalp micropigmentation does not interfere with minoxidil.

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