Scalp Micropigmentation – misappropriations and reality!

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)  is a relatively reliable and permanent solution and would last a lifetime with proper maintenance and care. Some clients require touch-ups after 4 to 6 years however others require touch-ups after every 3 years, whereas some may never require any touch up.

It varies from person to person depending on factors like your immune system, the impact of the treatment, and UV exposures. While your Scalp Micropigmentation is in Austin TX, for most of the sessions for more density to your hairs you might take 1 to 3 sessions, however, if you are bald it may take 3 to 5 sessions. Each session is approximately 2 to 4 hours.


Misconceptions and realities about Scalp Micropigmentation:

Average cost

You might think SMP is very costly but in reality, Scalp Micropigmentation treatment in Austin TX is very reasonable. The total charge at Austin TX is $500 per session. A deposit of $250 is taken at the time of booking which is adjusted towards the first session. For the next year, from the date of your final session, minor touch-ups, or small changes, we don’t charge any extra cost for it. It is free. If any touchup is needed in the future they usually cost around $250 and are done within an hour or two.

Is SMP Treatment worth it?

If you are still not sure if it is worth a try, the answer is definitely yes. If you don’t want expensive, messy treatments SLP might be the best solution for you! Contact Austin TX today for the best consultation with learned specialists and go ahead with the game!

It is requested not to believe when people say otherwise. Contact us at our official number and we will let you know the details.


Though men do not face many dilemmas in the case of women, they are highly worried about how it would turn out.  You should give it a go for Scalp Micropigmentation for women in Austin TX. We look closely into your problem and suggest you the best treatment. We serve you with the absolute best and effective results. It is the fastest and easiest method to change your look from bald hairline to dense beautiful hair and make you look like a new person in just a few treatments.

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