Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation: Recovery Time

Micropigmentation is a process of creating the illusion of hair by making small perforations into the skin and adding pigment.

How Does Our Skin Heal Itself? 

The body attempts to correct damage caused by perforations, which are small holes. When the skin is ruptured or perforated, the immune system responds in order to speed up the healing process. Upon making a perforation in the epidermis, our body releases white blood cells to heal the wound and create new tissue.

Perforations or injuries that extend into the dermis cause bleeding and inflammation. Within several hours, the scab forms over the wound. It prevents microorganisms from entering the wound. The wound closes off by “contraction” after new cells have formed. 

Scalp micropigmentation is the same. An injection of ink into the skin is performed through micro-perforations in the skin. 

Patients’ recovery times vary, but the following is an estimate of how long the process might take:

Immediately following your first session, you will notice redness. Since the skin is a highly sensitive organ, it is a natural reaction. 

It is also natural to experience slight inflammation. Inflammation is caused by micro-perforations made throughout the area, but it is not a serious issue. Healing begins with inflammation. It is recommended to apply a soothing cream during the healing process to reduce inflammation and redness.

As the redness subsides, you will notice the formation of scabs in the area during the 2nd-4th day. The scabs provide protection for the area. Despite the scabs, healing still occurs. To avoid unpleasant incidents, hats and caps should be worn during this period. However, it should be removed occasionally to allow the skin to breathe.

As darkness interferes with healing, sunlight is a vital component of healing.

As the week approaches its end, some scabs begin to fall off. This usually happens around the 5th or 6th day. It is best not to disturb these scabs if you feel a strong urge to pick at them. They will fall off in time. The pigment might also come off with the scab if you pick at them.

The scalp fully heals itself after the scabs fall off. A client is usually ready for the next session by the end of the week. Contact us for scalp micropigmentation Austin.

What is the effect of healing on pigments?  

The pigments are enclosed within the skin as the skin heals and closes over the perforations. Some pigment is deposited deeply, others shallowly. These factors may cause the pigments to appear lighter, darker, translucent, or even invisible. This gives the physician a good idea of how to approach the next session to make it as beneficial for the client as possible!

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