Scalp micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment: 3 Major Benefits

Scalp micropigmentation is the most common method used to grow back hair after trying many other methods. A combination of this process and other treatments may also be used by people who are losing their hair. 

Pigment treatment is sometimes used to cover scalp scars from previous procedures, which involve removing a strip of scalp and transplanting hair follicles.

A skilled technician using the latest technology can help you whether you have female pattern baldness or male pattern baldness.

By using computers, advanced scalp micropigmentation practitioners can customize a treatment based on a patient’s skin type and color. As a result, the fake hair stubble appears more natural.

Scalp micropigmentation has a lot of pros.

There are millions of men and women who suffer from cosmetic scalp and hair problems caused by dermatological or congenital conditions, such as intractable alopecia areata.

Often, genetic and medical causes of hair loss worsen over time since hair loss is a process that gets worse over time. Tattooing using scalp micropigmentation (SMP) creates the appearance of close-cut hair follicles with the use of stippling patterns. As a result of these conditions, this relatively new method can significantly improve appearance problems.

The following are some reasons why people like scalp micropigmentation treatment.

#1: Long term use

For some hair loss solutions and treatments, like transplants, it is necessary to check the hair follicles every 4–6 months.

Alternatively, scalp micropigmentation is suitable for three years with little maintenance. In the event that the color of the treated scalp starts to fade, restoration pigmentation is needed.

2#: No extra maintenance

Maintenance is minimal to none with this procedure. In order to maintain the appearance of your scalp micropigmentation, there is nothing else you need to do. People are advised not to exfoliate and to use sunscreen. The color won’t fade for a long time if you follow these steps.

3#: Safe

The fear of chemicals, surgery, and side effects often prevents people from seeking hair loss treatments. Micropigmentation of the scalp does not use chemicals.

A tattoo needle controlled by an electronic system is all that is needed for pigmentation, along with mild local anesthesia to prevent infection and ease any pain caused by the needlepoint. It is unnecessary to make cuts or use surgical tools for micropigmentation to work.

Why SMP of Austin for Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment?

Our clinic is the only one in Austin that is internationally accredited for scalp micropigmentation. Having been trained by the very best, our practitioners are ready to help you with the best scalp micropigmentation treatment in Austin.

SMP’s founders and developers have developed the business into what it is today, and have become top trainers themselves. Additionally, SMP of Austin employs the only intentionally accredited female in Texas.

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