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Scar Coverage: Does Scalp Micropigmentation Work on Scars?

Hair loss may occur if you shed significantly more than that. Self-consciousness is common among those suffering from hair loss. To restore their hair, they may consider hair loss solutions such as transplants and other invasive procedures.

While many people who undergo hair transplant procedures experience re-growth, others are left with unsightly scars. Scar camouflage treatments are available to cover up those scars, which is good news.

Find out how scalp micropigmentation works as a scar tattooing technique by reading on.

The use of scalp micropigmentation as a solution to hair loss

SMP stands for scalp micropigmentation. Compared to other hair loss treatments, this is relatively non-invasive.

Like tattooing, SMP uses small needles to place pigment into the scalp’s epidermis. There are procedures for removing these pigment dots, but they are permanent.

The dots appear to be hair follicles from a distance of six inches. The purpose is to create the appearance of a recently shaved head, though it can also be used as scar camouflage. 

SMP for Scar Coverage

Hair transplants may be considered by individuals who suffer from hair loss or thinning hair. Strip excision harvesting and follicular unit extraction are the two most common types of hair transplants.

Using either of these methods, hair follicles are removed from a part of the scalp where hair is still growing to a part of the scalp that is bald or thinning. In both cases, noticeable scarring is possible. It is well known that hair transplants can lead to minor to severe scarring, which is a perfectly normal outcome.

Many people are not comfortable with scarring, even though it’s normal. An unnatural look can be lost as a result of scarring after a hair transplant. A major benefit of SMP is that it camouflages scars.A major benefit of SMP is that it covers scars.

Scars are treated with SMP by injecting pigment into the areas above, below, and oppositely of them. In order to achieve a flawless finish, most professionals use a precise system to create a natural appearance. Your scar will blend naturally with the pattern and growth of your hair.  

How many scar SMP sessions are required?

The skin on your scalp is much thinner than scars. It’s because they’re made up of thick layers of tissue. 

Individuals who undergo SMP as a scar camouflage procedure generally need a few sessions. Typically, you’ll need between two and five treatments, which last about one to four hours each. It ensures a natural-looking aesthetic by placing the pigment at the right depth. 


You can create the look of a recently shaved head by using SMP if you’re considering hair loss solutions. However, if you are looking for scar coverage in Austin TX after undergoing a hair transplant, SMP is one of the simplest and most affordable options. The scar will gradually blend into your regrown hair after a few treatments of injecting pigment in and around it.

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