Scalp Micropigmentation

Scar Coverage: How Many Types of Scalp Micropigmentation Are There?

Micropigmentation can fill in scar lines with small dots along the scar line to help it blend better. Scalp micropigmentation is popular for scar coverage in Austin TX at SMP of Austin. 

Three types of scalp micropigmentation:

There are three types of scalp micropigmentation you can choose from if you’re interested in it for yourself. Even though those with receding hairlines are prime candidates, this doesn’t just apply to them. You have the following choices:

1. Receding Hairlines

If you choose this option, your hairline will be lowered back to its original position. Hairline ink will be used by your certified artist to create a realistic effect. This will result in a smooth, naturally blended hairline. 

2. Density

Have you noticed that your hairline isn’t thinning much, but the top portion is? You’ll definitely want to investigate treatments that aim to increase density. Both men and women can benefit from this. 

The spots along the scalp that are hairless will be painted with pigment in addition to the hair that still remains. The illusion of fuller hair is created by creating a three-dimensional effect. 

3. Edge Up

Another popular option is edge up. It is designed to cover the delicate parts of the hairline and the temples.

Since it deals with sensitive parts, this is for precise hands only, but the end result will be a restored hairline that will take you back a few years in time.

Does It Hurt?

It is less of a pain than a discomfort, if we’re being honest. A numbing agent is applied before the procedure starts. You may feel some discomfort, however, if your scalp is sensitive.

There’s no other way to put it. What level of pain would this be? Absolutely none. Some discomfort is possible. Discuss this with the artist once you find one.

At SMP of Austin, you will get the best artist for scalp micropigmentation and where you can get the best scar coverage in Austin TX. 

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