Scar Coverage with Scalp Micropigmentation

Although micropigmentation was not originally developed to treat scars, its usefulness in concealing hair transplant scars, trauma scars, and FUE scars can be life changing, often boosting one’s self-confidence. A very effective scar camouflage technique is scalp micropigmentation. 

Scars can be treated using scalp micropigmentation. Scar removal with SMP is the simplest, quickest, and most cost-effective solution. Scar problems can be solved within hours with this treatment. Generally, it is successful in hiding scars so well that they cannot be seen. 

The acceptance of SMP for clients undergoing hair transplants is growing. Although hair transplant surgery uses state-of-the-art techniques, it isn’t perfect. People often experience more anxiety over their transplant scars than they did about their hair loss. It is still difficult for surgeons to achieve optimal results due to challenges.

For individuals with a depleted donor supply and who cannot simply achieve the final results they desire, scalp micropigmentation can be a viable option. A fuller head of hair can be achieved with SMP by concealing the contrast between the transplanted hair and the scalp. By replicating hair follicles on the scar, it can help to greatly reduce the visibility of scars and make them blend in seamlessly with your hair.

Do you have an unsightly scar from a medical procedure or accident? Your scars can be effectively hidden with scalp micropigmentation and your confidence can be restored. Get scar coverage in Austin TX from us!

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