The Best Way to Minimize the Appearance of Shiny Scalp

Shiny scalps aren\’t always bad. Some guys actually look good with glossy heads. While some people are proud of their gleaming scalp, others wish to minimize its appearance. The people with bald heads and those who have undergone scalp micropigmentation are usually the ones who want a more matte look. Below are a few tips that you can follow if you want to minimize your scalp shine.

When you shave your head, how close do you go?

Since the light\’s reflection on the scalp is not disturbed, a shaved head will appear shinier than one with some sort of texture (hair). Consider haircuts such as a zero buzz cut or close shave if you want to reduce scalp shine. Scalp micropigmentation is a viable option for people who are completely bald. The treatment gives you a newfound hairline by fake-texturizing your scalp to reduce its shine.

The purpose of scalp micropigmentation is to give the appearance of stubble. It is best if the patient\’s remaining hair is shaved down before applying this semblance of hair. For a buzz cut look, a simple wet shave usually suffices. In order to prevent the appearance of shiny hair on your scalp, shaving with the grain of your hair is recommended. Furthermore, shaving with the grain will feel more comfortable than shaving against it, which will prevent scalp irritation.

Maintain a healthy scalp oil balance

The production of scalp oil (sebum) is a naturally occurring process that lubricates your skin and keeps it from becoming dry. Those who produce more sebum tend to have shinier scalps. Exfoliation is one way to manage your scalp oil. Each morning, exfoliate your scalp to remove dead skin cells and dirt that have clogged up your pores. You will notice that your scalp becomes oily during the day, so using astringent wipes for a quick and discreet way to remove oil makes a lot of sense.

A dry scalp will only cause more sebum to be produced. Keep your scalp hydrated. Don\’t forget to drink lots of water throughout the day and to use a non-greasy, light moisturizer on your scalp.

Taking care of shiny scalps

Not all men enjoy having a shiny scalp. If you have a shiny scalp, you might lose your confidence. Despite its inability to be completely eradicated, scalp shine can be controlled to some extent by reducing sebum (scalp oil) and improving hair texture. It is imperative to establish a healthy scalp care routine if you suffer from oily skin.

Use modifiers to give your hair a matte appearance, and exfoliate your scalp often. Implementing proper aftercare procedures will ensure that your hair tattoo will last for years for people who have had scalp micropigmentation. Make sure you don\’t let a shiny scalp ruin your confidence. Follow these tips for shiny, healthy hair.

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