Treating Female Pattern Hair Loss with Scalp Micropigmentation

Treating Female Pattern Hair Loss with Scalp Micropigmentation

Women suffer from alopecia as well, especially after menopause. However, scalp diseases, even though they’re rare, can affect anyone. The Harvard study says that almost 2/3 of women have thin hair or bald patches, and the effects are worse for women than for men. Women tend to feel less confident. Some women accept their condition, but others want to find a solution with the fewest side effects.

Hair loss in women is caused by:

In a woman’s lifetime, she goes through a number of physical changes; puberty, pregnancy, menopause, hormonal imbalance from physical or emotional stress, postpartum depression, miscarriage, etc. Many of these factors contribute to hair loss in women. 

Dermatologists may recommend serums and lotions for your hair and scalp, but you cannot continuously use them. Since anxiety can cause hair loss, emotional support groups might not be able to completely eliminate the issue, especially if the stress has caused hormonal changes in the female body.

Is hair transplantation the best option?

In addition to being quick and effective, unfortunately, it is not the best solution. The surgery can cause side effects and harm if performed improperly. It is possible for the new hair to react with the follicles, causing you to lose existing hair and worsening the situation when you start bleeding and lose skin. It happens sometimes! In addition, matching the shade and structure of your hair may be difficult. You may have to style your hair more, use more heat, and lose more hair. 

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP): 

The procedure involves injecting semi-permanent, clinically approved ink into the scalp without hair. As a result, the hair appears dense and the scalp appears full of hair. The procedure is far less painful than tattooing and doesn’t involve any penetration of the skin. Additionally, it has no side effects and your hair looks as natural as possible, giving you a youthful appearance.

Where to find the best SMP in Austin?

There are many places where you can find the SMP service but you should find a credible and reputable place that can make a difference. Don’t worry if you are in Austin, TX and want the SMP solution for treating female pattern hair loss in Austin TX, the SMP of Austin should be your choice. Contact us and our SMP expert and schedule a FREE consultation with you today!  

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