Treating Female Pattern Hair Loss with SMP

Treating Female Pattern Hair Loss with SMP

The impact of hair loss on women is often greater than on men, since it is less socially acceptable for women to lose their hair. We will discuss one of the most effective current treatments for female pattern baldness in this article.

It could just as well be a simple problem like hair loss in summer.

What’s Hair Loss in Women?

In women, hair loss is defined as an unexpected, heavy loss of hair. In general, humans shed 50 to 100 hairs per day. There is a natural balance between hair growth and shedding.

Women suffer from female pattern hair loss, also known as androgenetic alopecia. Unlike male pattern baldness, women’s hair can fall out in a different pattern than men’s.

SMP Treatment for Hair Loss & Thinning

SMP makes hair look thicker and fuller. Using this treatment, you can hide thinning, receding, or patchy hair. Your scalp will be visible through your hair, restoring your confidence and giving the appearance of a full head of hair. Maintenance-free, safe, long-lasting and virtually maintenance-free, SMP requires little to no maintenance.

Ideal for Women

Women with long hair are ideal candidates for SMP treatment. For women with low hair density or those suffering from Alopecia, this can be a good option to consider.

SMP is a solution for:

  • hair thinning
  • low hair density
  • undergoing a hair transplant
  • Alopecia hair loss
  • Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPH)

How does it work?

SMP is not a cure. Pigment is added to the scalp’s uppermost layer of skin. The less hairy areas are camouflaged. Similar to tattoos, pigment is added in a painless manner.

Using different shades of hair follicles, the treatment fills in the gaps in the hair with replicas. Enhancing eyebrows with this procedure is similar to microblading.

Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPH)

Women who suffer from FPH experience a distinctive type of hair loss. The first stage of FPH involves a small vertical cut at the top of the head. With time, the vertical cut becomes wider, and the baldness becomes more obvious.

Approximately half of all men and half of all women are affected by FPH by the age of 50. Camouflaging the scalp’s exposed areas is made possible by the SMP for treating female pattern hair loss in Austin TX.

Why treat pattern hair loss at SMP Of Austin?

We only hire practitioners who have been trained by the best. You can count on them for guaranteed results. SMP was founded and developed by those who have gone on to become top trainers themselves. Additionally, SMP of Austin employs the only intentionally accredited female in the state.

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