male pattern baldness treatment in Austin

Treatment for Male Pattern Baldness with Scalp Micropigmentation 

As a way to conceal balding patterns, SMP is a new application of an old technology that is rapidly gaining popularity. A shaved head can be achieved without medication or transplantation by tattooing permanent cosmetic pigment onto the scalp. It is sometimes used by men to maintain a clean-shaven appearance and by women to conceal hair loss rather than using expensive powders or fibers every day.

Our team of artists and experts at SMP of Austin is dedicated to helping men who are suffering from male pattern baldness to regain confidence and self-esteem through our male pattern baldness treatment in Austin. With scalp micropigmentation (SMP), we offer a permanent, affordable, and safe treatment option that will change your life forever.

Symptoms and causes of male pattern baldness

A man’s hormone levels change with age, resulting in male pattern baldness. The body converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone in men who are genetically predisposed to male pattern baldness.

Eventually, dihydrotestosterone causes hair follicles in men with male pattern baldness to shrink, resulting in thinner, shorter hair strands. During the course of the disease, follicles continue to shrink, causing hair in the affected areas to become thinner and shorter until eventually the follicle ceases to produce new hair strands.

There is a certain amount of male pattern baldness that everyone will experience. The hairline may recede gradually in some men, while in others there may be a loss of hair on the top of their heads that is near or complete. Hair loss occurring on both sides of the head above the temples often results in the signature “M” pattern.

Despite the fact that male pattern baldness does not indicate a medical condition or pose any health risks, its effects are almost always permanent. Male pattern baldness causes many men to experience anxiety, self-consciousness, and low self-esteem.

A unique and effective treatment for male pattern baldness in Austin, scalp micropigmentation provides guaranteed results at a fraction of the cost of other treatments. Similar to getting a tattoo, this advanced cosmetic procedure involves applying tiny dots of pigment to the scalp. 

A precise computer controlled system is used to place these dots across the scalp so that they appear to be a full head of hair that has been shaved or cut close to the scalp. The dots are carefully matched to your skin tone and your natural hair color, and are carefully placed across your head using a precision computer controlled system.

It is also possible to treat male pattern baldness with scalp micropigmentation if other treatment options have been unsuccessful. Most of our clients are individuals who have failed to achieve success with hair transplants and are now in search of a treatment option that is both immediate and effective and can also help cover the scarring resulting from the procedure.

Would you like to find effective treatment for male pattern baldness in Austin, Texas? Get in touch with us today!

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