Treatment of male pattern baldness with scalp micropigmentation

Treatment of male pattern baldness with scalp micropigmentation

Pattern baldness affects both men and women. Hair loss in this area can take a variety of shapes, affecting either the hairline or the crown area.

The scalp micropigmentation treatments are perfectly matched and blend seamlessly into the existing hair when clients shave their hair down to achieve the buzz look.

Hair SMP for male pattern baldness

Male pattern baldness affects 95% of men with baldness. This natural phenomenon primarily affects males. The hair of 85% of people over the age of 50 will be thinner. There are many cosmetic reasons why men don’t like natural hair loss. The fact that you are not alone may not matter to you if you prefer a fuller, thicker hairstyle.

In areas where hair is thinning, you can create the illusion of density by using treatments and shades of micro-dots around and in between existing hair. A lighter hair color is recommended for older clients whose hair is turning gray/white.

Male pattern baldness and SMP

A scalp micropigmentation could be the answer to your desire for thick, full, and strong hair that will make you look more youthful. Tiny scalp tattoos are used to create a natural-looking, convincing result. If the hair has thinned to the point that the scalp is visible through the strands, small tattoos can be used to cover areas of significant hair loss. With scalp micropigmentation, your hair will appear thicker and fuller.

If you’re looking for an effective solution to male pattern baldness in Austin TX, contact SMP of Austin.

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