What is the Best Solution to Hair Loss Available to You?

Are you curious about scalp pigmentation? Read on to learn more!

What Is Scalp Pigmentation?

To help you learn more about scalp pigmentation, we’ve put together a guide. Let’s start by defining what scalp pigmentation is.

Skilled practitioners can inject pigment directly into the scalp using this procedure, which is also called scalp micropigmentation (or SMP). In general, it creates an impression of a fuller and thicker scalp of hair.

Is that how it works? Essentially, it’s an optical illusion. SMP creates a three-dimensional, textured look for your entire scalp since the pigment is a little darker than your actual hair color.

It will take more than one treatment to get it right. If you change pigment color to achieve a different look, you shouldn’t have to come back after that.

It is worth it in the end. There’s no doubt you’ll be seen in a completely different light after this! 

How Is This Different from A Tattoo?

Adding colored pigment to your skin is the essence of the SMP process. Naturally, this leads to the question: does this mean I’m getting a tattoo? In both cases, yes.

It uses some specialized tattoo equipment, which is why some people say “yes” to the procedure. The SMP practitioner will place the pigment directly into the scalp using an electric tattoo machine. Basically, they are going to create ink on your body with a tattoo tool, which sounds awfully similar to a tattoo.

Traditional tattoos, however, do not share many similarities with those. The ink is injected deeper into the skin with thicker needles in “real” tattoos. You may need to go back for additional pigmentation in the future since this ink is not injected deeply into your scalp.

Micropigmentation on the scalp is only superficially similar to tattoos (pun not intended). If you take a closer look, you will find that the tools, methods, and overall procedures are quite different.

What Makes This Better Than Hair Transplants?

There are a lot of options out there if you want to fight hair loss. So you’ve got a really good question: why is scalp micropigmentation Austin better than hair transplants?

Compared to a hair transplant procedure, the non-invasive SMP procedure is often faster and easier to perform. It is not uncommon for hair transplants to require multiple surgical procedures, and both these procedures and aftercare can be expensive.

Second, there is no real comparison between the lengths of these procedures. SMP may take more than one session, but each session typically lasts less than three hours. You will need to recover for 24 hours after undergoing a hair transplant procedure.

Third, SMP is less painful than hair transplantation. It may be painless, but you will likely spend days dealing with annoying itches following the transplant procedure. You will experience mild discomfort during the SMP procedure, but you will feel far less itchy in the days to come.

Although your mileage may vary, most people are willing to tolerate some mild pain (much less than tattoo pain) in order to avoid the itchiness associated with hair transplants.

What Are the Main Benefits of Pigmentation?

The benefits of SMP over a hair transplant have been explained. Can you elaborate further on these benefits?

The first thing it does is what it promises. There is nothing miraculous about this medication. Put pigment on your scalp instead, and you’ll get great results.

Furthermore, it is much more affordable than hair transplants. Below is a breakdown of the costs of this method, but it is a great way to combat hair loss without breaking the bank.

The third benefit is that the procedure is extremely safe. There are no exotic medications, scary chemicals, or painful incisions involved in this procedure.

The fourth reason is that there is no real maintenance involved. You don’t need to use any special aftercare products to wash the area.

The results you get finally speak for themselves. There is only one side effect of scalp micropigmentation, which is that it makes you look younger. Scalp micropigmentation looks much more realistic than the average hair transplant. 

With the added benefit of a long-term solution, scalp micropigmentation is the perfect solution!

Who Are the Best Candidates?

Hair loss sufferers almost always benefit from SMP. Some patients, however, may be more likely to benefit from this treatment than others.

People with thinning hair find the process more effective than those experiencing severe hair loss. A shaded scalp and naturally blending thinning areas are the result of the process. Having little hair left can be a problem!

SMP may be particularly beneficial for cancer patients recovering from treatment. In addition to making your scalp look more full and healthy, micropigmentation can be done as the hair grows back.

Would you like to have scalp micropigmentation in Austin? Our goal is to provide you with the best scalp micropigmentation results in Austin. The SMP company was created and developed by us, and we are now top trainers in our own right. A woman is the only intentionally accredited employee at SMP of Austin.

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