Why Should Women Consider Scalp Micropigmentation?

Why Should Women Consider Scalp Micropigmentation?

In order to conceal thinning hair, women often use scalp micropigmentation. As part of the SMP process, tiny dots are cosmetically tattooed on your scalp. By adding dots to the hair, women can camouflage areas of thinning or hair loss. 

Micropigmentation of the scalp can be used to replicate thicker hair regardless of whether you have short or long hair. No invasive surgery is required, no scarring will result, and there will be no downtime associated with the procedure.

What is the turnaround time?

The length of your treatment will vary depending on the extent of your hair loss and the desired outcome. A customized treatment plan will be developed for you. The procedure usually requires two to three sessions, each lasting between one and two hours. As part of the process, your hair is layered to achieve a natural and even finish, and then blended in with your existing hair.

Does this SMP treatment hurt?

There is much less pain than with a regular tattoo, and certainly less than with a hair transplant. Scalp micropigmentation penetrates the skin less deeply than normal tattooing. Most clients do not experience any discomfort.

What are the benefits of SMP for women? 

Long-term use

Following a hair transplant or other hair loss treatment, it is necessary to schedule follow-up appointments every 4-6 months in order to maintain the health of the hair follicles. On the other hand, scalp micropigmentation can last for up to three years without needing to be inspected and requires little maintenance. Pigmentation restoration is only necessary if the color on the scalp begins to fade.

Maintenance is not required

With micropigmentation, the appearance of thicker hair follicles is created without the use of real hair. A person with SMP does not have any natural hair on their scalp, so no special care is required. The cost of hairstyling lotions and other hair products is also eliminated.

Keeping you safe

Some people are wary of hair loss treatment due to chemicals, surgical procedures, and their potential side effects. Chemicals are not used in the process of scalp micropigmentation.

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