Jaw Dropping Results of Hairline Fixing

What is Scalp

Scalp micropigmentation is safe and non-invasive treatment for thinning hairlines. We use detailed micro-needles to deposit pigment onto your scalp, creating the appearance of hair follicles. This restores the look of fuller hair and a stronger hairline.

Essentially, it's like a tattoo that gives the appearance of 5 o'clock shadow on your head, which means you won't look bald. For those with thinning hair, we also offer density work to make their hair look fuller.


Perfect For Both Men and Women

Cover the effects of balding in women.

A brand new hairline for men


Hi, I'm Chase

I got into the scalp micropigmentation industry after I was a client myself and realized the huge impact this work has on people, their quality of life, and their confidence. I dedicated myself to mastering the art of scalp micropigmentation to help others experience the life-changing results I experienced after my own treatment. I can't wait to share my expertise and see your life improve as well.

  • Jason
    I decided on SMP after my hair transplant left me with patches of hair. I should have done this in the first place. It’s way cheaper with immediate results. They even let me pay per session instead of all up front. Really happy to see them in the Austin location as it cuts an hour off my drive. Highly recommended and looking forward to my final session.
  • Warren
    Very satisfied with my results from SMP of Austin! Chase and Lexi were very informative and welcoming! My density treatment turned out great and restored my confidence! And prices were very reasonable compared to other studios I have seen!
  • Jennifer
    Smp AUSTIN is a great new company that’s conveniently located in central Austin. The whole experience was amazing! I’m so happy with my results from the SMP I had done and would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting their hair to look fuller, more dense, or if you’re suffering from any type of hair loss. Michelle was amazing, I was nervous at first but she made me feel so comfortable and it was not uncomfortable or painful whatsoever. I will be going back again!! Such a great job SMP AUSTIN!
  • Amy
    I normally don’t write reviews, but I just had to on this one. As someone who suffered hair loss and thinning from Cancer and Chemo Treatments, I was insecure and I needed something to help bring back my confidence. I had my first session of scalp micropigmentation with Chase in their Houston location after hearing and reading so many positive reviews and results. Now, thankfully Chase and his team opened their location here in Austin!!
    I just had my second session for density done at the North Lamar location in Austin. I was excited to get started on my density treatment. Chase paid close attention to detail to make sure I got exactly what I wanted, you can tell they take pride in their work.
    After my second session I got a phone call from Shelly, one of their other practitioners on how my treatment was healing. Seems like everyone in the office really cares! I haven’t felt this happy or confident about my hair in such a long time! I would definitely recommend them to anyone and everyone who suffers from hair loss issues.

We offer the absolute best scalp micropigmentation results. Our clients are always our number one priority - that's why we provide unrivalled customer service. SMP of Austin is all about you.

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