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We make your hairline beautiful & unique

We use detailed micro-needles to deposit pigment onto your scalp, creating the appearance of hair follicles by using different size cartages and pigment shades giving you the most natural look. This restores the look of fuller, thicker hair and a stronger hairline. 

Here at SMP of Austin, we pride ourselves on transparency.
From our needles to our pigment, you are involved every step of the way. 

We offer the absolute best scalp micropigmentation results. 

Our Services

Scalp Micropigmentation

The fastest and easiest way to improve the look of a balding head or receding hairline. You’ll look like a new person in just a few treatments.

Alopecia Coverage service

Alopecia is an unfortunate condition that causes patches of hair to fall out. Scalp micropigmentation can mask these missing patches and get you back to looking and feeling like yourself.

Density Coverage service

Many people, both men and women, struggle with hair follicle density at the front or crown of their head. Scalp micropigmentation can completely change the appearance of hair density on your head.

Scar Coverage service

Do you have a scar from a medical procedure or accident that you feel is unsightly? Scalp micropigmentation can effectively hide your scars and bring your confidence back.