Factors determining the longevity of an SMP treatment. Is SMP truly permanent

We always wish for permanent solutions to all our problems however, its not a fairy-tale world we live in. But there is one problem to which the solution is quite permanent. Scalp micropigmentation for hair loss. SMP has emerged to be one of the most reliable solution for baldness and hair thinning. Although the results are quite permanent, the color pigments do fade away with time, but that can easily be corrected with a little touchup. Let us see what are the factors which effect the longevity of an SMP process.

  1. Exposure to direct sunlight

If you have recently undergone an SMP procedure, your SMP artist will suggest you to avoid sun as much as possible, or use a good SPF sunscreen when going out. This is because direct sun rays fade away those pigment hues which have been carefully deposited in your scalp.

  1. Pigmentation color

When going for an SMP, try to go for darker colors like black or dark brown, since lighter colors fade away quicker than darker ones. Also ensure that the pigments are of highest quality.

  1. Method used

You need to investigate through before you decide on the SMP clinic or artist to go with. Never go to a tattoo artist who claims to know the procedure. The method and the expertise of the artist greatly determines whether or not your SMP will last long.

  1. Your immune system

The molecules in the hair pigmentation control certain immune genes. If you have an overactive immune system, the pigments can fade away faster than normal.

These are the four most dominating factors which effect your SMP treatment. However, with proper maintenance and by following aftercare steps as instructed by your SMP artist, you can increase the life of your SMP treatment.

Can SMP be considered as a permanent hair loss solution?

Yes, we can say that scalp micropigmentation is a permanent process. It takes almost 5 to 7 years to fade away the hue pigments with proper care, till then you don’t have to worry about hair styling or hair fall. Even when the colors start fading, they do not go away completely and you can regain the original look with a minor touchup. After sometime, you can also change how your hairline looks. Your SMP artist will guide you all the way through the procedure so you have a clear picture of how the process works out.

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