Is SMP an ideal hair loss treatment option for dark skin tones?

With scalp micropigmentation becoming a popular hair loss treatment, there are a lot of questions emerging about the treatment to help people decide whether or not they should go for this treatment. One such question is if this treatment works for people with dark skin. Let us discuss this question today. No spoilers!

How does skin color decide pigment color

SMP is a process of injecting pigment hues into the scalp to create an impression of dense hair follicles, thus making the scalp look fuller. So how is it different for a person with light or dark skin? Well, the hair follicles of a dark skinned person is comparatively larger than the one with light skin tone, hence your SMP artist will have to put more ink into the hair follicles of the dark skinned person to fill them completely.

This is nothing to worry about as the color pigments have to side effects whatsoever. So with a little bit of extra ink, you can flaunt your perfect buzz cut look even if you have a dark skin.

What shade to go for dark skin tone

It is very unlikely that you will go wrong when choosing a pigment color for your SMP process. This works in the same way as skin tattoo. The only difference is the use of pigmentation rather than tattoo ink, which is more solid and resistant to change. So there are a wide range of colors to choose from. Just go with one which will go best with your skin tone. Your SMP artist will also help you in deciding the best color for you.

How does fading work for darker people

Pigments of SMP usually start fading after 3 to 5 years, this fact is made use of for lighter skin people to give them a natural look. So small of of pigmentation is enough for them. However this is not the case with dark skin toned people. Here, more pigmentation is required to create a more defined hairline so that the color stays longer. This is actually easier to handle  and sometimes the SMP process looks even more good in dark skinned people than light skinned ones. In case you are considering an SMP treatment, you must have seen more before and after photos of dark skin people.

Choosing the right artist will make a difference

A good SMP artist should have an experience of performing scalp micropigmentation on all hair types and skin colors. The method of application is very important which differentiates a good SMP from an SMP gone bad. Darker men usually go for sharper and bolder hairlines since they have thicker hair follicles than an average Caucasian. The right SMP artist will create larger hair follicles replications to give the desired results.

SMP for dark skin people in Austin

If you are a dark or dusky skinned person and you have decided to go for scalp micropigmentation, go no further! SMP of Austin is the right place for you. We, here, are a group of best SMP experts in Austin who have been trained from the industry’s very best. We have performed SMP on clients of different hair type, hair texture and skin tone and we create the desired look according to each individual’s requirement. Call us at +1 (512) 966-9144 to fix that hairline today!

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