What are the initial symptoms of Alopecia Areata in men and women?

Is your hair falling in small patches? Is it turning out to be noticeable and you are losing more hair thane expected? It may develop due to poor immune system as the hair follicles are attacked. It has a tendency to develop over years and over tend to take severe turns if left untreated for a long time.

The problem can lead to complete hair loss which is known as alopecia universalis. It also prevents hair from growing further but would lead to massive fall out again. However, the extent of hair growth or fall varies from one person to another. This is when individuals often opt for Alopecia Areata Treatment in Austin, TX. It is better to look out for the treatment from a reliable source. In this regard, SMP of Austin is a suitable option to seek assistance from with years of expertise and knowledge in the field. However there is no complete cure process, though the process mentioned above would result in better hair in fuller amounts frequently.

What are the main causes of alopecia areata?

It is considered to be an autoimmune condition that the body immune system considers the healthy cells mistakenly as foreign substance. As a result of this, body would attack the hair follicles and this is the part from which hair grows. It would become smaller hindering hair growth and it would ultimately result in hair loss. However, researchers are yet to find the actual root causes that trigger the condition.

Which symptoms indicate the problem?

The main symptom is excessive hair loss leaving small patch on your scalp. Other than head, the hair loss may be visible on eyebrows, beard, eyelash, and other body parts and it varies depending on immune system of an individual. It would start with clumps of hair on bed or during shower. Even after treating it well, the small hair balls would continue to fall resulting in a serious concern for both men and women.

Difference of the problem in men and women 

In men, it takes significant form and mostly takes place when there is similar family history of thinning hair line and the like. Men would experience loss of facial hair, chest hair and scalp. It also results in patchy pattern of hair loss in men.

Whereas, in women, it start with thinning of hair line that would slowly cover up a large area. The hair loss may occur at once when it results in large hair patch on your scalp. So, depending on the pattern of baldness and hair fall, it is better to get in touch with specialists in the field. They would offer suitable assistance and so, does the special team at SMP of Austin.

Wrap up

Do not hesitate and get suitable hair loss treatment in Austin, TX when we are just a call ahead at +1 (512) 966-9144. We aim to offer satisfactory service and so, request for appointment now and get suitable help from our expert team. We are available round the clock for the help of our clients.

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