Will it be safe to opt for scalp micropigmentation after hair transplant?

Yes, it will be safe and one of the recommended options by specialists after hair transplant. However, it would depend on the condition of hair line and the sore on scalp and then, specialist would decide whether scalp micropigmentation would be suitable for the patient. It cannot be done immediately, and therefore, it is better to wait for the patient to recover after hair transplant and then opt for the SMP.

Some of the benefits of SMP after hair transplant is listed below for the help of ones who are suffering from bald scar and want to cover up for it.

Benefits of SMP after hair transplant

  1. Helps cover bald areas

It takes time for hair to grow after hair transplant and it will remain bald for some time. Therefore, for this, SMP will be the suitable solution to cover up for bald spot. Moreover, the scalp is sore that after transplant, it will take time for the micropigmentation to apply. The specialist should examine the condition and only when it is suitable, it should suggest for the coverage treatment. If searching for Bald Spot Coverage for Women in Austin, TX, it is SMP of Austin to get professional help and guidance for the treatment.

  1. Camouflage the scars

The treatment would cover up for scar after hair transplant provided it is done correctly by specialists in the field. For any kind of scar repair, SMP is the suitable solution. It is mainly the pigment that works on hair follicles and it would cover up so that the original color is covered up well.

  1. Hair transplant and SMP helps treat thin hair line

After hair transplant, hair growth can be thin and to improve it better, the above said method is the suitable one. It would help give the original hair density and get back your natural look. But patient should have patience and wait for the final outcome as it will take time. The doctor would diagnose the existing condition of the patient before they can finally decide for SMP on the patient.

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