Alopecia Areata

alopecia areata treatment in Austin, TX

When is it time to visit specialist for alopecia areata problem?

A situation of complete hair loss in men and women is termed as alopecia areata. Though, there is no way of complete cure for the same, […]
Scalp micropigmentation, SMP, SMP clinic in Austin

Going for your first scalp micropigmentation procedure? Consider these first!

Scalp micropigmentation or SMP is creating quite a buzz now a days with a lot of people facing hair loss and hair thinning issues. The concept […]
scalp micropigmentation

Scalp Mircopigmentation : The new favorite hair loss treatment among women?

Its no news that hair loss is as common in women as in men, in fact 1 in 4 women suffer from hair thinning and hair […]
scalp micropigmentation

Female pattern baldness: Why is happens and the best way to conquer it

Baldness, hair thinning, hair loss, alopecia, all these are very scary words for us women and we always avoid taking about it. For centuries, thick long […]
Top 6 hair loss myths

Top 6 hair loss myths debunked!

Hair loss has become one of the top issues in both men and women in today’s age as hair is often associated with beauty and confidence. […]
alopecia areata treatment in austin

Alopecia Areata : Causes, Symptoms, Types and Treatment Options

Alopecia Areata, a disease which sounds scary, although rare, affects about 3% of the Americans. It is identified by extreme hair loss followed by bald patches […]
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