Top 6 hair loss myths debunked!

Hair loss has become one of the top issues in both men and women in today’s age as hair is often associated with beauty and confidence. A receding hairline or hair thinning can cause existential crisis in a lot of people, young or old. However, we sometimes make the matter worse by associating our hair loss with some things we might have done in the past or are still doing, just because our aunt or our friend said so. 

Hair loss has its own reasons for each individual and you can have done nothing wrong to accelerate this. Let us see the top 6 hair loss myths and the facts associated with them.

Blame it on your favorite hat

“You should not wear that hat all the time, you will lose your hair!” You might have heard this from a lot of people, but to you relief, it is false. Wearing a hat has nothing to do with hair loss. The logic used here is that scalp needs oxygen for healthy hair and wearing a hat can devoid the scalp of it. However, our hair follicles, get their oxygen from the bloodstream, not the surrounding air, so wear your hat how much ever you want to!

Once you start losing, there is no way back

Not true. Although some types of hair loss like male pattern baldness is irreversible due to its genetic nature, other types caused by factors like hormonal changes, eating disorders, illness etc. are just temporary. A lot of women experience postpartum hair loss which is automatically rectified within 6 to 8 months. 

Baldness is an old people concern

Wrong. If you have immediate relatives who have this condition, it is very likely that you can start experiencing first signs as early as in your early twenties! You might not notice it right away, most people realize it when almost two thirds of their hair is gone. 

Less hair equals more testosterone

What? This is not true again. Baldness, unfortunately does not come with a good sex drive, although it is comforting to hear that. Bald people have same level of testosterone as the hairy ones. However, if you really wish to bring in the hormone factor, blame it on androgen. This particular hormone, if in exceeded amounts, results in reduction of hair follicle life cycle and ultimately the follicles stops producing hair.

Shampooing too much? This is it then.

Again, not true. The hair which you see falling out while in shower, are the ones who would have anyway fall out. So the frequency of hair wash has no role in hair loss. In a normal hair growth cycle, the hair falls out, stays dormant for a while and regrows again. This is not the case with baldness, the hair which falls out will never grow back since their follicles have died. So its time to shampoo that unwashed hair!

There is not much you can do 

You have tried all the home remedies for hair fall, took those expensive hair supplements, even took medications, but all in vain. You give up thinking you are out of luck and ways to correct your hair loss. This is again wrong. There are a lot of treatments in the market today which are both permanent and effective solutions in treating hair loss. One of the top treatments today is scalp micropigmentation.

Scalp micropigmentation has evolved out as one of the most effective, easy, affordable and less painful treatment for those with receding hairlines. SMP of Austin provides best in class hair loss treatment in Austin, TX. Scalp micropigmentation is done by the most well trained experts. Call us at (512) 866-1598 to schedule a consult today and know more about the benefits of scalp micropigmentation.

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