Scalp Micropigmentation : Does it have any side effects?

With the increasing popularity of scalp micropigmentation, there are a lot of questions and concerns over the same. One such question is, does it have any side effects. SMP is a non-invasive hair loss treatment and usually does not entail any major or long-term side effects, one of the reasons why this treatment is so popular. However, before going for the treatment, one should know everything about it, including some concerns which may arise if the process is not done correctly.

Scalp micropigmentation, by and large does not have any side effects due to the process itself, however it depends on how the process has been carried out and who has done it on you. Let us see some of the reasons why scalp micro pigmentation might go bad for someone.

Performed by an inexperienced artist

Scalp micro pigmentation involves using micro needles to insert tiny pigments into the scalp. This requires a great level of expertise and anyone who claims to be an SMP artist or SMP practitioner should have a good experience and knowledge regarding the same. Do not, I repeat, do not go for an SMP treatment by a tattoo artist. If this is not done by a proper expert, it can cause major issues. Always check for any form of validation for the SMP artist like his certificate, client portfolio, before and after pictures etc.

Low quality pigments used

Since the pigments are directly inserted into the scalp, they should be or highest grade possible so that they can last longer and not harm the skin in any way. Low quality pigments can react with the skin and cause skin problems.

Un-sanitized tools

Although non-invasive, the procedure makes use of micro needles which are responsible for inserting the pigments into the skin. The needles and other tools used in the process should be of best quality and sterilized properly before they are been used.


You might have allergies to certain substances. It is very important that you communicate all your major allergies with your SMP artist or practitioner before they start. They can then take precautionary measures before performing the treatment or suggest you otherwise.

Shampooing immediately after SMP

Shampoo contains a lot of chemicals. After an SMP in performed, you will have a couple of scabs here and there on your scalp which will take some time to heal. Exposing those wounds directly to the chemicals present in the shampoo might cause skin issues like itching, irritation and inflammation which can easily escalate to serious issues.

Early showering and moisturizing

Again, you want to give some time for the scalp cuts and scabs to heal by themselves. If your scalp is moist, it will take longer to heal. It is recommended not to shower or do any activity like running, gym, spa, sauna etc. which will cause sweating for at least a week. This will ensure your scalp is dry and will heal faster. Using any kind of lotion or moisturizer is also not recommended as they are full of chemicals which can do more harm than good.

Exposure to sun

Long sun exposure is not good for our skin due to those UV rays. This is also not good for the SMP you just went through since it can fade the pigments faster. Avoid going out in sun as much as possible or use a good SPF sunscreen before going out.

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